FengyeHolding Group - PIPE industry

Since the twentieth century, the widespread use of plastics makes plastic pipe become an emerging industry rising suddenly. The continuous and rapid development of Chinese economy drives plastic pipe industryto advance quickly.

Involved in plastic pipeline industry in 1995, Fengye Holding Group has been working hard targeting building global first pipeline over more than 20 years. Technology taking the lead, the company closely cooperates with some scientific research institutions such as Zhejiang University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and China Building Material Institute to possess stronger capability to develop new technologies and new products. Presently it isthe firstdomestic enterprise which introduces Ф1600mm PE pipe production line from German Battenfeld so as to form a product series being the most complete in specification domestically. Quality being the foundation, "Fengye" brand and trademark have successively won tiles of China top brand, national inspection exemption product and China well-known trademark. To expand market, it has invested in Guangzhou Fengye Pipe Industry Co., Ltd and Guizhou Fengye Pipe Industry Co., Ltd one after another and opened up South China and Southwest China markets. Currently, the plastic pipes produced by it are applied in municipal water supply and drainage, building water supply and drainage, petrochemical industry, fuel gas and other fields, and it can produce PE pipes and fittings of nearly 400000 tons annually.

Fengye Pipe Industry has become the pioneer in plastic pipe industry.